May 20, 2008

YOB flyer

This show was a high point for everyone involved and Im glad I got to make a flyer for the show. The flyer itself was from an old painting I did for a project I had, Rockdagon. I think I subconsciously stole the idea from a friend who called me out on it. It was a two color painting, I think for a class, and a few years later I scanned it and took off the name, shrunk it vertically and cleaned it up. Good times!


Cleaned up art

Original painting



Susan M said...

Man I miss Yob. I love Middian too. But Yob were so awesome. Daniel doesn't like the slow doomy stuff. Once we went to see them and Mike introduced their set by saying, "We're going to play for 55 minutes, and we're going to play 3 songs." I was like, "Yes!" and Daniel was groaning. He ended up timing them--they played for 60 minutes.

Skillit said...

Thats so funny. My friend took pics of YOB at this show and offstage you can see members of Unorthodox and Earthride rocking out. TrOO DOOM.