Aug 9, 2009

Ambition Burning 7" Cover


Heres a thing I just finished for Ambition Burning, a cover for their upcoming 7". I haven't finished the rest of the design but will post an update when I do, should just be a tracklisting and maybe the sticker on the record itself. The design is taken from a previous sticker I did for them here: LINK

I tried to put more time into the drawing itself on this version and didn't know how it was gonna be colored (Black and white, 2 color, 4 color?) until I started the coloring and just went with 4 colors. I decided to use a base color for everything and then a darker color to define the shadows and forms. I colored it all in Photoshop and used Color Fill Layers masked out to change the colors at will. I kept laughing while coloring it thinking how much it looked like the Simpsons, always fun to laugh at yourself but not for doing wrong or stupid, for just being goofy.

Oh yeah, the theme or message was based on a band members idea, a literal interpretation of the bands name: the man made city being destroyed and nature taking over or man's ambition burning.

Here's the original drawing:


and here's a almost finished version:


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