Sep 11, 2009

5 Poster for one show! To celebrate the return of Lord (the band)!


Thanks to Gr8 Scott Graphics for making this GIF!

One of my favorite Virginia bands of all time, Lord, are getting back together and playing a show (with my friends The Bible none the less)!

To commemorate, and use this idea I had been thinking of, I created 5 posters for the show or one for each band. The idea is for each band to put their own flyer on their Myspace or Facebook and use their own distinct flyer to promote the show. Then when people are surfing the web and see an alternate flyer for the show they'll click on the other bands page and flyer to see whats different. This will hopefully build a buzz around the show, make it seem a little more special than usual, as well as get the show and info embedded in the viewers mind.

I'm also printing these 4up on a sheet on one side and a big one on the back then cutting the sheet in half twice to make 4 postcard sized Flyers that will combine to form a larger one on the back.
I created all 5 using 1 scanned line drawing and 1 white pencil/chalk on black paper drawings.
The rest was Photoshop! Each one took about a day, heres the pieces:


Heres a bunch of static versions:


and here's a final printed Version of the Postcard sized puzzle versions:


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