Mar 23, 2010

International Noise Conference 2010 Poster

Its a funny one... and so are some of the early versions.

Just the sketch alone in black and white looks so funny I have to laugh. Plus I threw in a floor, why? :

The original colors I threw in there for placement are hillarious, yuck! Is this the 70's?

Here's something closer to the final colors, with some scribbles in there for text and smoke placement, it's so cute!

Last but not least of "what was I thinking?" here's a louder than should be pattern in the background and a font I should never have considered for this. Ever.

Ok thats it, just a peek into the funny choices I make before I get to a finished product. This blog post is an case in never giving up, no matter what font you start with!

Mar 15, 2010

Sasquatch and House of Broken Promises Poster & ideas

Here's one of my latest posters:
(click on images to make larger)

I read a quote recently by an artist who said something to the effect of "the better the idea, the easier it is to execute". I agree with that and have another to add to it: The more complete and fleshed out the idea, the easier it is to execute.

The idea for this one started off as a dream I had about a demonic creature with a two promged tongue with skulls on it. I think I was sick and can't say if the idea was all mine or my subconscious. I woke suddenly and jotted down the image of the tongue but didn't have the rest of the face in my memory. When it came time to do this poster I had a few good ideas but nothing seemed to fit the heavier hard rocking nature of the bands, so I developed the two tongue demon idea further until I had something to use. It was a good idea but not fully fleshed out and need more sketches than usual. Normally I'll have an idea that I use right off the bat, a few sketches for composition and form but not for content. The idea process for thsi poster was backwards or longer and I was insecure about it for awhile but knew it was right after finishing the drawing.

Here's the sketches:

With the tongue idea and the following sketch:

More ideas, maybe making him on fire:

The beginning of the eyes part, just a riff on the trend of adding eyes above eye to create an optical illusion:

Notes on how to execute it in Photoshop and how to draw the final Black and white line drawing:

Final sketch before I go & try to do the final drawing: