May 16, 2010 up!

Hey ya'll, been awhile! I've been busy working on some projects that were finished awhile ago and just not ready to be seen and one that's been pretty involved. Here's on that's been in the works and now ready to be shown.

I created the graphics for for its webmaster Annie Ice. She had done a site previously with a graphic theme that focused more on the desert and wanted to go in a direction that reflected more of the music this time. I came up with a few ideas based on that and she picked this one that reflects not only the desert but their musical origin of playing desert parties powered by a generator during the mid 80's. Their generator parties were legendary for their size and ability to go undiscovefred by the authorities. The parties and the sound of the band spawned an entire scene of music known as "desert rock" that continues to this day. I was proud to work on this for them and happy the results combined their story, music and the desert.

Here's some larger files (click to enlarge)

Here's the original side bar, didn't fit the overall color scheme of the site but still nice on it's own:

BONUS STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Here's the original sketch:

Here;s the beginning of the final with the reference pictures in place:

... and here's some reference photos:


ryanrobot said...

Looks fantastic man - my favorite is how you broke up the sun rays. As always, great work man.

- ryanrobot

Skillit said...

Thanks man!