Aug 15, 2010

Dali's Llama CD Release show poster & the ingredients

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This poster is for Dali's Llama 'Howl Do You Do' CD release show and uses many elements from the CD packaging which I'll get into in another blog soon. For this blog I want to talk about the different ingredients or elements that go into a design and the challenges they can present.

Here is an overview of the CD packaging the art came from:

The band asked to use elements of the CD packaging for the CD release show poster including the skeleton, dog, vine border, logo etc and not use everything if I didn't want to. They also mentioned making it similar to a 60's Filmore poster and use the bands logos if possible. Using the different packaging elements & band logos as well as fitting it into a style or design that echoed the Filmore era of posters was a challenge I was up for.

First up I had to do some research on the poster style and find some inspiration to make the elements work with the overall design. Here's a Grateful Dead poster by the awesome Rick Griffin I borrowed some layout inspiration and ideas from:

Once I had a layout I had to make it all the ingredients fit within it and work together. I can usually make everything fit and look like it belongs togther if I remain open minded and not get set in a preconceived idea of the end result. This time I didn't try to fit any square pegs in round holes and everything was easy greasy.

Here is an animated GIF of the process it took from original idea to the finish, check out how a few elements left the page and one changed drastically.


The plaid rainbow, pink flower and a rhino in the back ground all had to go, they were cluttering up the composition and lessing the impact of the poster. Originally I had the eyeball flower carrying the amp it was perched on in the CD layout. This didnt work and I redid the amp and thorns surrounding it. I tried to use the 'Filmore' font in areas of the poster, replacing the 'Misifits' font used in the layout but went back to the Misifits font in the end.

So there you have it! The behind the scenes of this poster was more about the process of design (arranging elements) and using ideas presented to me rather than the illustration itself. I'm super proud of the end result and glad I could use do new art for it like the border and eyeball-flower's wings and amp below it. Hope the animated GIF helps to show the progess and was easy to follow. Thanks for reading.

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