Dec 27, 2010

Just Passing Thru logo and a great client

Most of the people that approach me for artwork are nice people and real easy to work with. Some are SUPER-nice people and VERY easy to work with. Working with John Fitterer of Crowned By Fire on the logo for his body piercing shop Just Passing Thru was on the very easy side of things. When he approached me with the job I was already loaded with a benefit poster and an upcoming out of town wedding trip but he was patient and very eager to work with me. When I got started on it he provided me with some images he found online with what he was thinking of and a very lengthy detailed explantion which was great, no time was lost second guessing his ideas. After I started showing him proofs he would write back with alot of postive comments which made me want to make it extra special, no dialing it in here. Here's some of his comments:

"Damn dude, -It's bitchen! I bet you color a mean easter egg, Heh! The colors are perfect and I'm totally stoked!"

"Whatever you did man, looks great! I'm leaning towards the last 2 designs you sent without the grey circ... Those are gonna print great!"

"Hell yeah brother, -lookin' awesome!... "

Check out his band Crowned By Fire and his shop Just Passing Thru, he's good people!

(((Click on every image to enlarge)))

Here's a couple of images he sent me followed by some references of skulls I used. His idea was for a Native American Warrior Chief/Shaman. Lots of bright colors, feathers, a couple peace pipes with smoke and bones of all kinds where on his mind to start.

Here's some sketches. The top left one was my first sketch sent to him to make sure we were on the same page. He gave me some further instructions and clraified a few things before I sent the remaining 3 to him.

He dug the sketches so I made a final drawing, at this point I was very happy with the final ink drawing and very positive about the outcome of the final.

Here are the 2 black and white versions he requested, for a white background and for a black background.

...and here is a detail of the skull, just cause.

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