Dec 6, 2010

Nuclear Assault Poster

Here's a rare landscape poster, might try more of this in the future. I drew the final version in my sketchbook while waiting to be picked for Jury Duty, I was picked.

(((Click on every image to enlarge)))

Some close ups of the artwork to see the halftone lines used for the values on the face:

The Sketches I had in mind beforehand. They were more of a centered compostion, this didn't work out with the length of band names:

Here's the final drawing scan. I edited it alot, taking out the ears and whatnot, I feel its better to go into Photoshop with more rather than less to work with:

To create the Halftone Values on the face I used a fat and a skinny Halftone Line layer for both the dark and light values...

...and masked them out in their own groups.

There you have it! Here's some pictures of the printed product:

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