Jan 10, 2011

Swinos, Mos Generator, Stone Axe, Sower of Dischord NYE poster

I'm really proud of this one, not only cause the art still makes me think it was done by someone other than myself but the opportunity to do the poster for the return of Mos Generator and a NYE show is special. Knowing that every band on this bill is related in someway to other bands on the bill is also special and makes me wish I could be there for it, the vibe at this show must have been so great, super fun I'm sure. For those not in the know the singer of the Swinos sings in Stone Axe, the guitarist of Stone Axe plays guitar and sings in Mos Generator and the bassist and drummer of Sower of Dischord are in Stone Axe. Enough writing, heres some details, sketches, inks and progress of the project. No narrative this time, enjoy.

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