Feb 4, 2011

Desert Rock at the Ipac Poster #3: 167 Layers, 78 Groups, 163 masks

Hey Friday night arty types, here's a new blog. Hope ya dig it. This was a big file when done and I tried to draw an actual natural landmark. Think I got close, but let me know what you think...

12 x 18" 325 DPI

562.4 MB File Layered File

87 MB Flat File

Using 2.5 GB of Scratch Disk memory

Click on every image to enlarge.

Here's a picture I used as reference for the mountain, its Mt San Jacinto in the Coachella valley:

A Screenshot of the layers for the mountain:

These are the groups of layers pulled apart:


Anonymous said...

Hi, It looks great!
I'm the director of "Test Site" that will be showing at IPAC.

Skillit said...

Thanks man, I hope to be at the next show and see the Test Site film, looks rad!