Feb 16, 2011

Desert rock at the IPAC poster #4: February 2011 and the shows themselves

I'm not from the Coachella valley but I was born there. On my first birthday my parents moved us from Palm Springs to northern California and then to the DC area 7-8 years later. So as I can't really claim the valley as my own there's a sense of regional pride you can't help but pick up on when attending a Desert rock at the IPAC show in Indio CA, just past Palm Springs on the 10 Freeway. Sure the Coachella Fest is a big deal but rarely uses talent from the area, The Desert Rock series is by locals for locals and the sense of community you feel is everywhere. From the food vendors to the bands, the local artists showing their work to the volunteers working the show, everyone has a sense of purpose and celebration of the event. I've only been able to make a couple of them but what strikes me the most is the friends and families of the bands coming out to support their own, this is rare in LA where I'm living now. You can tell the audience is proud of the people they know that have worked hard to hone their craft and get to show it off on a big stage at an event thats all ages and appealing to everyone.

This next show is sure to be a barnburner, 8 bands on 2 stages and 2 movies plus a Vinyl Record/Poster Swap and more Merch Vendors. I've seen the movie 'A History Lesson' by Dave Travis and think you should too, its a collection of live performances and interviews with punk bands in the 80's/90's including the Meat Puppets and Minutemen. The movie 'Test Site' is about the culture of the high and low deserts which I'm looking forward to, especially the footage of Fatso Jetson at a rare desert party. I'm looking forward to Half Astro, a punk band featuring members of other bands I'm into, and Auto Modown, a band featuring Mario Lalli of Fatso Jetson on bass (one of the organizers of the series) plus his 14 year old son on guitar and a 16 year old drummer. That lineup may sound uneven but they have more chops and better songs than half of the bands in their genre these days, not to be missed if you want to be inspired. The rest of the bands I'm waiting to be pleasantly surpised by and blown away by like I was by Slipping Into Darkness and You Know Who at previous shows, check them out!

Desert Rock at the IPAC Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Desert-Rock-at-the-IPAC-music-series/172136759469911

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=185469141484569

Check out more on the art and music scene of the low desert here: http://www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.com/

Here's some photos of the December IPAC show which I was able to attend, I think these give a sense of the crowds involvment and the size of the stage & space. All photos by the very talented Chris Miller, check out his excellent work at:

Photos from this show taken from his gallery at: http://imagineimagery.zenfolio.com/ipacrock10 .

All photos © Imagine Imagery & Chris Miller

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