Jul 5, 2011

Admiral Browning 'Battle Stations' merch: take a trip backwards....

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Gonna take a trip back through time via pictures on this one, from printed product to final art then a few revisions and lastly but not leastly mock up images sent to me by Admiral Browning on the ideas they had in mind. Here we go!

As if the custom digipak wasn't cool enough Admiral Browning had even more cool ideas for merch and I was happy to help out by redesigning some of the art I had created at various stages of the project. We did a silver foil sticker with 3 colors printed on it with the art taken from the Robot character sketch I had done previously. I took out alot of the details on the robot to help it print proprely and I think it helped. The white ink on blue shirt art was also taken from the Robot character sketch, this time a grid was added and some faux-alien text to make it look like and alien blueprint. I was unsure if I could pull the shirt off well but surprised myself in the end. The 4 color sticker of the 3 ships sailing away from the Robot wreckage I believe was my or our idea during some brainstorming. Finally the 4 color poster on 100lb glossy stock was their idea and nice companion to the digipak itself. Very cool to work with people that have innovative ideas and willing and able to put some money where the ideas are.

Here is the final art for said merch:

Blue Print Design - 1 Color Shirt:

Robot Character Sketch - 3 Color Foil Sticker:

"Victory Pose" Scene - 4 Color Sticker:

Front Cover Poster - 12 x 12" on glossy stock:

Some random revisions or ideas presented to the band:

And not leastly but lastly some mock ups the band sent me to get me on my way, always a great idea and time saver:

....and finally here's the video of the Merch and Digipak again, just incase you missed the last blog where it was included:

Thank again for checking this out, may your travels be merry.

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