Sep 26, 2011

Ogressa CD release show poster

This is a show poster for the Ogressa project, a side project by Zach of Dali's Llama. The packaging art has a fantasy art theme inspired by the main character, Ogressa. For the poster I wanted to give the appearance of a medievil "wanted" poster or advertisement. I really wanted to silkscreen the poster on a brown stock, maybe parchment like or whatever I could find that was close but money and time got in the way and I went with a 4 color print on a brown stock. The art of the face was taken from the CD art and converted to a brown tone with black lines, I'll post the album art blog soon.

Here's some inspiration for the look of the poster, I wanted to keep it pretty simple and maybe use a border:

Some details of the finished art:

Some early incarnations, searching for the right look:

Here is a pattern I found in a stencil book and scanned that saved the poster from wandering aimlessly:

A couple more revisions after I found the right path:

The file I used to print with, I took pout the background so it wouldnt clash with the cream colored paper and roughed it up some more in Photoshop to make it look more distressed:

And heres some pics of the printed poster:

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