Jan 23, 2012

Ogressa 'Warts and All' digipak

Heres a brief, on words, blog about the Ogressa 'Warts n All digipak art I did last year. Zach of Dali's Llama approached me to do the art for this side project of his with our mutual friend Trent of Whores of Tijuana on vocals. He told me it was a fantasy theme and to go wild with the female ogre theme. I created what she might look like, some scenarios she might be in and then went for it. For the art itself I tried to make it a bit messier, more raw and not as precise as before. I may have missed the mark and been too clean but I'm still into the final results.

Below is the final art, click on the image to make it larger:

Here is a Youtube clip with some of the art included:

Here is some pics of the final printed digipak:

Below are some sketches presented to the band as a starting point:

Some rough pencil sketches right here, the final pencils are pretty close to this;

....and now for the final pencils:

Last but not least here are some details of the work, showing the rougher dirtier feel I was going for in the final pieces:

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