Aug 14, 2012

Stoner Hands of Doom 12 poster and all that DOOM

My cousin Rafelie is typing or transcribing this blog today that I gave him rough notes for over a cell phone as I am in a remote area of the Andes national forest in the bayou of central India with no internet. Enjoy - Skillit

Hello my friend. Above you see the poster for the 12th annual Stoner Hands of Doom, it is very nice yes? I am very proud to make such a poster for the doom and stoner rock community and for this event which is becoming legendary and much loved. I am very grateful to Rob and Cheryl who organize this event every year and to Jason Scott of Gr8Scott Graphics (please click on this link for his page, he makes custom guitar pedals that are very nice, very nice) . Jason is the, how you say, art director, of this event and contacted me to help with the art. For this I am eternally Gr8-ful (ha! I love puns) because I value his art and his appreciation of my own art.

For the poster I give Jason a few ideas which he took and combined into one poster that will please all. I am very happy for this, the poster would not look the same without Jason. You can see this in the sketches below. Since Jason will be printing this poster I give him a rough looking layout of the poster to make sure it prints OK and we are good. To be sure that the skull and hand are looking right I create a Skull and hand picture in FotoShop and make sure to draw from. I post a picture of this picture below.

 I then draw in pencil and, put ink on the pencil lines and then color in Fotoshop. It is WAL-AW! DONE! FINITO! MANUFEEK! A very simple poster with the themes of stoner, doom and hands all into one! Very simple but much planning went into. I know that when you see it in person you will want to buy and support the festival and the hard work and time that went into such a thing. I am full of pride for such a work and the people I have the chance to work with!

Purchase this fine piece of poster HERE!

Click on the pickters to make larger.

And now is time for some random things from the project. A image for the SHOD facebook page, a version of skull with no flowers, stickers made from border of skull and a pickture of a skull that was not used for the final art works.

- thank you to "Auto correct" in Mozilla FireFox for the help - Rafelie

- thanks Rafelie! - Skillit

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