Aug 7, 2012

Zombie pea-nuts poster and tracing in Photoshop

Here's a poster you may have seen online somewhere that I did but didn't show the whole thing until the date had past due to it being a private party. I made 2 of these, one with bands and one without, for those that wanted a copy without the bands to frame. While not a huge fan of the cartoon or comic I do like the way the characters dance and always loved this scene. The characters are zombies  because of the 2 bands at the bottom of the bill were reuniting for this show. I'm a fan of this poster for the fun I had making it and the response it got from people attending and not attending the show.

For the art side I used my Wacom pen and Photoshop to recreate the image from scratch line for line then slowly add and take away parts. Adding brains and blood, taking away limbs and digits, it was a blast to get creative. My favorite detail is the character with the foot chopped off and a single solid bone coming out, a "foot bone", so corny.  For the colors and texture I used what I saw fit, using my years of working at a print shop and having to recreate clients art and files from scratch. This was nothing compared to logo collages I've recreated in the past.

Here are some images of the process including some details of the tracing and coloring followed by some prints I made for the event. (((Click on every image to enlarge)))

There are a limited number of these for sale online HERE

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