Oct 10, 2012

Process blogs, updated the Shop and some pics from tumblr

I tagged 18 of my posts with “Process” on my blog to make it easier to find where I talk about technique or the creative process. I occasionally write about technique when i have the time and something to say so I figured this is the best way to share. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I updated my Etsy shop with most of my posters that haven't been put up for sale yet like: Days of the Doomed 1 and 2 posted, Desert Rock at the IPAC featuring Big Scenic Nowhere, Blaak Heat Shujaa and Ron Whitehead, Ogressa (featuring members of Dalis Llama) and the beloved zombie peanuts posters.

A couple of cool new items:

Desert Rock at the IPAC posters series now available as a group at a discounted price!

Stoner Hands of Doom screen printed by Gra8Scott Graphics, my first screen printed poster!

I've been trying to keep the Tumblr page (http://skillitart.tumblr.com/) updated with random things I've done that might be interesting, here's a few pics from it: