Jan 2, 2013

Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy and Clamfight "Annhilate Al weekend Long" poster

Here's a newy one. A poster for the Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy and Clamfight "Annhilate Al weekend Long" tour! I started with a sketch and colored it in Photoshop per the semi usual. The idea was to make the antlers work with the moon and have the trees mimic them.

Next I drew the elk in pencil then inked it. I used alot of reference here because I've drawn this animal or seen one in person. I had to redraw the face before I inked it, I'm glad I did.

Next up I drew the trees in Photoshop using a tablet and the brush tool. I created 3 layers of tree silohettes to create depth and keep them in an order. This was fun and pretty easy, I've got to do more stuff using this technique. I just kept adding branches to give it a feel of a flow yet some random deviation.

Here's a pic of a printed one and a detail pic. The background was alot of fun. That was an idea I had in the sketches but created in Photoshop. I had a "zoomed line pattern" on hand and created a design using it and masks. I want to try this again.

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Sean said...

Great work, man! Thanks for creating such a badass poster. I have 2 framed and displayed at home.

Sean - Clamfight

Skillit said...

No problemo, thanks man!