Jan 15, 2013

Pale Divine and Trilogy poster

What we got here is a poster for the amazing Pale Divine, Nitroseed, Trilogy, Admiral Browning, Wrath of Typhon and Puricist! i could be wrong but I think 3 of these bands share the same bass player, how does he do it? I dunno!

The creature ontop of the eye thing was inspired by the Iz from the Maxx series by Sam Keith. The flying creature was inspired by Rick Griffin and all excellent concert posters of the past. The cat was inspired by a real life cat I saw up for adoption at a pet store. Man was it cute. Below you'll see some sketches on how it came together.

Above are pencil drawing and the ink drawing for the main art. It was alot of fun to create this. Nothing but fun! Below are some process pics in Photoshop of the rest of the poster taking shape.

and here's some details!

But wait! Here's a pic of the printed posted!!!!

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