May 28, 2013

2013 Skillit Art Zine and prints

2013 brings a new portfolio art zine, a thing I've been doing almost yearly (skipped last year) since 2009! The art zine is a way to show off my best work at the moment, as of writing this I'm out of the first printing and replaced a couple of older pieces with some of my best created in the month or so between print runs. This year its 20 pages with 23 pieces of art and features a 3 panel trifold cover and 2 panel inside front cover. It's roughly 5x8" when folded and printed on 80lb gloss text weight paper and UV coated after printing. I think it's pretty bad ass, heres some pics as proof:

This  is the first year I'm selling 10 of them out of the 20 2nd printing. I say sell but it's not really a sale, I'm giving them away at cost, the cost of printing and shipping is $9 in the US. Look up what it would cost to print something like this at a discount online printer and you'll wonder how it's not $15, go ahead & check out people selling zines with less pages, art and care that went into this one for more money.


I went ahead and printed 15 10x17" prints of the cover on 80lb Cougar cover stock and I'm shipping those with the zine FREE. That's right, go ahead and throw out any chance of me making money on this like you might have thought in the paragraph above. So here's your chance if you like my art and want to see it in person up close but don't have an appetite for posters or heavy rock CD's... the zine!

BUY HERE by clicking this here link! Only $9 PP!

Here's some process pics of the whole ordeal, yeah picking 23 of your best, not favorite but best to the world at large, is an ordeal. Creating an original cover that you think might best sum up what you do is even harder. It might be another 2 years before I do this again!

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