May 8, 2013

Days of The Doomed Fest 3 poster: some snapshots of a moment in time and space, man.

Above is the poster for the 3rd annual Days Of The Doomed Fest up in Wisconsin by my man Mike Smith. I haven't been able to attend yet but my friends that went to the first one said it was great, the friends that went to the 2nd said it was great and the 3rd lineup looks the greatest. Mike has been one of the easiest and nicest guys to work with and I'm proud  to say the posters I've done for the event have gotten better over the years. I was really proud of this one and happy to do right by him. I know he's bringing alot of joy to fans and bands of an under served area of the country for this kind of rock/metal/good music.

I don't have too much time to do tutorial blogs these days, busy with the day job and more rad art jobs than I can shake a stick at. The most I can offer these days in the ways of a blog entry are snapshots of the process, because those are quick and fun to take. Here's some of what goes on:

Hey look, it's some dude drawing the main image on the poster. Wonder who that could be?

Click on the above image to see some more details of the mockup, drawing and inking process.

Hands are step one in the general tools of the trade and mine at the time were fighting cat scratches, allergic rashes and general dryness mixed with some nice graphite stains. PURTY.

Above you can see the image take shape from the computer sketch, aka mock up, to the pencilled version superimposed on the mockup to see if it fits before I, or that dude in the pic above, inks it.

The above pic gives you a good indication of the size of the original image.

In the pic above more progress is made in the background and in the shading of the main central image.

Lastly, here's some pics of the printed piece. Always my fav pics to take a post. Finito! I should have a small handful of these to sell after the fest passes and will post that when available.

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