May 3, 2013

The UItra Electric Mega Galactic t-shirt design

I try not to post EVERY process or finished picture of art I do on my main social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I'll put several up while I'm doing the art... of the process to keep people abreast of what I'm doing or afterwards of the finished pieces printed. This ol' blog, no matter how little blogs get traffic these days, is where I spew forth the endless little details of creating a piece. Why? Because I'm OBSESSED with those details while I'm doing them and HAVE to share them, even if it's to only 30 viewers and half of them spam bots. So here it is: the details!

I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to do this design, the leader of the band Ed Mundell played on some of the first heavy, trippy and yes (that dreaded phrase) "stoner" rock records I heard in high school. Monster Magnet, COC, Soundgarden, etc, those records changed my life! I followed Ed's career in Jersey with the Atomic Bitchwax from my home near DC and later to SoCal where we both now live and where his new band UEMG is located. I'm also pretty sure as a member of the Hellfire Red collective I helped book the UEMG's first show, a Hawkwind tribute where they had Pete Stahl on guest vocals. GOOD TIMES!

So here's the "deets:

This is the idea they chose and how I presented it to them. It had some mad Kirby influence and yes I have called myself out on it over and over again.

They suggested we lose the planet in the middle, they liked it at first but we both agreed it was overkill.

Here's some drawing stuff, I did this all by hand at first.

If you like to see how things change a bit you can see that up close here. I wasnt satisfied with my draftsmanship in the original drawing and redid most of the linework that pertained to the shading and reflections. I did all these edits in Photoshop with the Wacom, it felt good to get it JUST RIGHT.

Here's a pic by the band of the shirt printed, looks good! I mean really was printed well!

Remember kids: Kirby owns us all and we all owe Kirby.

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