Sep 17, 2013

Stealing is the greatest form of free market capitalism?

The Soundgarden poster I designed for the Creative Allies King Animal contest (see blog HERE) by bootlegged by an Ebay user "de_store83" (Click HERE) in Bulgaria. Not much to say about it except it looks like someone, most likely someone I know, reported it and ebay took it down. Because it was taken down I can't leave feedback on it, I can probably try to get my money back through ebay so we'll see if that happens. The seller likes to argue with the buyers that leave negative feedback which is hillarious, check it out HERE. They used a web sized JPG he found on the internet so it looks like pixelated-shit. It's al pretty hillarious to me, at least I got a shirt with my art on it. Here's some pics n stuff! Oh yeah, I should say it took 6 weeks to get to me because of the crappy mailing label and printer they used on the package. Good job buddy!