Nov 11, 2013

Dali's Llama 20th Anniversary poster, shirt, party & review!

Hey ya'll! Below and above is some of my finished art for Dali's Llama's 20th Anniversary show. The animated GIF was for the hell of it, the 1 color and full color posters were used in online and print promotion through the Coachella Valley.

Below is a picture composite I made to base the drawings off of along with a "genius" sketch I did beforehand.

Down here we have some of the sketching process  down through the final black and white art. Humble beginnings!

If you click on the below images to make them bigger you'll see some of the poster revisions. I stuck to my usual palette on this but still had fun with it.

The amps are hidden in the final product but looking good here!

They used the band image for the Coachella Valley Weekly cover story!

The band made pins and shirts from the art, how rad is that?

Misc pic of the drummers drawing. You can see the ink lines going over the blue line i printed out from the sketches.

I ended up going out to the show!
The Obelisk did a cool pre-show write up on it over here so I had to go....
The show was beyond great. The 3 hour drive blew on by, the beers were cheap, the people were friendly and the bands played under an old metal half pipe frame flipped upside down that is now used as a lighting rig. Oh yeah and the PA was LOUD and heavy as hell. Can't go wrong!

Here's a pic of the drive out there from LA and one of the sign at the place.

Ultra electric Mega Galactic!

Dali's Llama in front of some Autumn Woods!

Rubber Snake Charmers with Alfredo Hernandez and Mike Pfeffer on dual drums, both formerly of Brant Bjork and the Bros.

Watch a clip from Dali's Set over here on UTOOB!

Read a review of the rad gig over on this website ya'll...

Till next time!

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