Nov 18, 2013

Melting Simpsons for Admiral Browning and some limited merch

If this kid thinks it's rad then you know it is.

((((per the usual click on all these images to see the nitty gritty))))

So here's the deal: My buddies in Admiral Browning were going on a short summer tour and needed a poster to promote it. I had an idea for messing with the Simpsons characters so I offered them a poster for every stop on the tour. It ended up being one of my most popular projects yet so I made an art-zine based on the drawing side of it, am selling a few shirts of the art and have a few (maybe 3 each) of the posters left to sell at my Etsy shop.

Without more ado, here is some of it all:


Every poster is available at my shop for now over on Etsy:


I put up a few of the designs on Society6 but limited the color choices and products, not trying to go all out just wanna see how this stuff works. Check out whats available:


Over on my Etsy shop I sold a few of the zines.

 The zines have no band info and captions taken from (and out of) episodes of the Simpsons by each character. This was alot of fun to make and great to see people's reactions when looking at it.


From humble idea...

To labored drawing....

... and from initial Photoshop mockup to labored drawing scanned and cleaned up then colored in Photoshop!

....OH YEAH! I almost forgot! You can buy some of the drawings over on my Big Cartel site:

(yeah having 3 shops is confusing, BC might have to roll over to Etsy soon if I don't get more traffic over there)

Last but not least here's a clusterf*ck of animated process GIFs for the fun of it:

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