Jun 9, 2014

Never Been Punched - a Multimedia Project!

To start go to www.http://neverbeenpunched.tumblr.com/

neverbeenpunched.tumblr.com is a blog I created almost a year ago to run an original anti-trolling/bullying meme everyday for a year starring Statler and Waldorf of the Muppets as the pre-troll bullies they're known for being. I created over original 365 memes though a few are variations on themes that run through them.The blog is set to run for over a year with 40 or so other anti-trolling/bullying memes and ideas thrown in there.

The reason for the blog should be easy to understand: I hate bullying and bullies especially done anonymously via the internet. Take that fact and add some art-school manifesto plus a multi-media approach and BOOM (!) yourself got yourself an Art Project!

Here's some examples of the memes:

After I finished all the memes I picked the best 28 and handdrew Statler and Waldorf and the text above them in a different style for each meme:

I picked the Best 16 and made a Mini Zine out of them! Thats right, #minizine! WHOO!!!!

You can purchase the zine on my Etsy shop via paypal if you like them :


Sorry Muppet and Statler & Waldorf fans!

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