Jun 2, 2014

Ultra Electric Mega Galactic shirt and poster design

Howd-ay Folks!

My buds in the UEMG asked me to do a shirt for their upcoming 2014 European tour, of course I said HELL YES cause I'm psyched for them and I ain't never had my art on no European tour shirt before! After the shirt was finalized they asked if I could make a poster from the art to which I said HELL YEAH MAN cause I've only ever had my art on one or maybe 2 European Tour posters before know what I'm saying?!?! YEAH!!!!

Front and back:

Some of that process-process stuffz:

A pic of a computer screen cause why not right?

The Euro-Tour poster:


You should buy the shirt here - http://www.theultraelectricmegagalactic.com/#!store/cygj

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