Dec 17, 2012

Ron Whitehead and Blaak Heat Shujaa Southern California 2012 tour poster

The famed and multicontinental Thomas Bellier asked me to do a tour poster for his also multinational band, Blaak Heat Shujaa, with even more famed and lauded poet Ron Whitehead. I've spoken with an even met Thomas briefly before and was psyched to do the work for this poster.  After I started and began listening to their first record I got even more into it and now I'm a fanboy EAGERLY awaiting their next EP and record which will be out on Tee Pee soon, the EP in a week or two and album in 2013.

The deadline was tight but Thomas had an idea which saved time and I had some leftover ideas I added to it that came together nicely. Plus he asked for the hills, desert, clouds and cacti I've been gaining a rep for. Below is the transformation from small sketches, thumbnail and final pencil drawing.

Below is some snapshots of the drawing and inking as well as some work in progress examples. The color had to be amped up and given more saturation once I was nearing the finish line, shoulda done a color comp!

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Dec 5, 2012

THUMB 'Primordial Echoes for Bigfoot' CD packaging art

Click on all images to enlarge them ya'll!

Italian Stonerrock band THUMB got in touch with me to do the art for the newest release after seeing my art their favorite places on the net. I obliged and off we went, below are the layouts they picked from the 3 choices I gave them for each the cover, traycard, cd and inside traycard.

Above are some of the black and white art while being drawn and below is the work in progress while coloring.

Above this text is a few details of the art and below this same text are some iPhone pics of the finished packaging printed in it's case.

Last but not least: "Put a Bird On it".

Sep 11, 2012

Days Of The Doomed Fest 2 poster!!!!!

Days of the Doomed Fest 2 came and went and I wasn't able to go, again. I blew my summertime fun money going back to Virginia and getting the band back together. I did have fun doing it, it went alot smoother than last years, all due to proper planning on my part! Big thanks for Mike Smith the man behind this epic event. From reading the reviews it seemed to go really well again, maybe better than the first year. He's super easy to work with and generous so support that guy. Below is a bunch of of the process showing the plan and how I came up with it, planning is half the battle. (((click on all images to see larger versions)))

Aug 7, 2012

Zombie pea-nuts poster and tracing in Photoshop

Here's a poster you may have seen online somewhere that I did but didn't show the whole thing until the date had past due to it being a private party. I made 2 of these, one with bands and one without, for those that wanted a copy without the bands to frame. While not a huge fan of the cartoon or comic I do like the way the characters dance and always loved this scene. The characters are zombies  because of the 2 bands at the bottom of the bill were reuniting for this show. I'm a fan of this poster for the fun I had making it and the response it got from people attending and not attending the show.

For the art side I used my Wacom pen and Photoshop to recreate the image from scratch line for line then slowly add and take away parts. Adding brains and blood, taking away limbs and digits, it was a blast to get creative. My favorite detail is the character with the foot chopped off and a single solid bone coming out, a "foot bone", so corny.  For the colors and texture I used what I saw fit, using my years of working at a print shop and having to recreate clients art and files from scratch. This was nothing compared to logo collages I've recreated in the past.

Here are some images of the process including some details of the tracing and coloring followed by some prints I made for the event. (((Click on every image to enlarge)))

There are a limited number of these for sale online HERE

Jan 23, 2012

Ogressa 'Warts and All' digipak

Heres a brief, on words, blog about the Ogressa 'Warts n All digipak art I did last year. Zach of Dali's Llama approached me to do the art for this side project of his with our mutual friend Trent of Whores of Tijuana on vocals. He told me it was a fantasy theme and to go wild with the female ogre theme. I created what she might look like, some scenarios she might be in and then went for it. For the art itself I tried to make it a bit messier, more raw and not as precise as before. I may have missed the mark and been too clean but I'm still into the final results.

Below is the final art, click on the image to make it larger:

Here is a Youtube clip with some of the art included:

Here is some pics of the final printed digipak:

Below are some sketches presented to the band as a starting point:

Some rough pencil sketches right here, the final pencils are pretty close to this;

....and now for the final pencils:

Last but not least here are some details of the work, showing the rougher dirtier feel I was going for in the final pieces: