Jun 23, 2014

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR at the Palms poster

Wish I could say I had some cool memories or anecdotes about working on this rad poster but shit man, I can't remember working on it... I mean, the drawing in the middle is mine and the words kinda look like they coulda been drawn by me... it is signed by me but I just don;t have memory of working on this. Can't claim total credit, think I had some help...

Wait, what happened?

Jun 16, 2014

True Templar of Doom benefit show poster

I saw the Gates of Slumber a bunch of times, maybe in Washington DC where I used to live, definitely in LA where I live now and in Vegas once. They were always on the road and always down to play a show it seems. It was a shock when their bassist Jason McCash left the band a couple years ago but an even bigger shock when he passed a couple months ago: some bands and even musicians you take for granted and think will be around forever.

A friend from the Maryland music scene is organizing a benefit show for the family of Jason and asked me to do the poster. Check out the event:

True Templar of Doom: Benefit for Jason McCash

Tickets can be purchase here

I'm all for the benefit and show and would love to be there in person, one of my favorite Doom bands Earthride is playing their first show in months, a year? either way they're legit, just like the Gates of Slumber and Jason.

If you'd like to donate directly to his family click here!

Onto the art: I decide to hand draw everything and keep it black and white to be as Doom as I can get & to be able to donate the finished art to the cause. Hand lettering is my weakness and I ended up redoing the text in Photoshop, you can see the finished drawn poster with original lettering in the 2nd pic below:

Some o the sketches and drawing process:

Jun 9, 2014

Never Been Punched - a Multimedia Project!

To start go to www.http://neverbeenpunched.tumblr.com/

neverbeenpunched.tumblr.com is a blog I created almost a year ago to run an original anti-trolling/bullying meme everyday for a year starring Statler and Waldorf of the Muppets as the pre-troll bullies they're known for being. I created over original 365 memes though a few are variations on themes that run through them.The blog is set to run for over a year with 40 or so other anti-trolling/bullying memes and ideas thrown in there.

The reason for the blog should be easy to understand: I hate bullying and bullies especially done anonymously via the internet. Take that fact and add some art-school manifesto plus a multi-media approach and BOOM (!) yourself got yourself an Art Project!

Here's some examples of the memes:

After I finished all the memes I picked the best 28 and handdrew Statler and Waldorf and the text above them in a different style for each meme:

I picked the Best 16 and made a Mini Zine out of them! Thats right, #minizine! WHOO!!!!

You can purchase the zine on my Etsy shop via paypal if you like them :


Sorry Muppet and Statler & Waldorf fans!

Jun 2, 2014

Ultra Electric Mega Galactic shirt and poster design

Howd-ay Folks!

My buds in the UEMG asked me to do a shirt for their upcoming 2014 European tour, of course I said HELL YES cause I'm psyched for them and I ain't never had my art on no European tour shirt before! After the shirt was finalized they asked if I could make a poster from the art to which I said HELL YEAH MAN cause I've only ever had my art on one or maybe 2 European Tour posters before know what I'm saying?!?! YEAH!!!!

Front and back:

Some of that process-process stuffz:

A pic of a computer screen cause why not right?

The Euro-Tour poster:


You should buy the shirt here - http://www.theultraelectricmegagalactic.com/#!store/cygj