Jun 16, 2014

True Templar of Doom benefit show poster

I saw the Gates of Slumber a bunch of times, maybe in Washington DC where I used to live, definitely in LA where I live now and in Vegas once. They were always on the road and always down to play a show it seems. It was a shock when their bassist Jason McCash left the band a couple years ago but an even bigger shock when he passed a couple months ago: some bands and even musicians you take for granted and think will be around forever.

A friend from the Maryland music scene is organizing a benefit show for the family of Jason and asked me to do the poster. Check out the event:

True Templar of Doom: Benefit for Jason McCash

Tickets can be purchase here

I'm all for the benefit and show and would love to be there in person, one of my favorite Doom bands Earthride is playing their first show in months, a year? either way they're legit, just like the Gates of Slumber and Jason.

If you'd like to donate directly to his family click here!

Onto the art: I decide to hand draw everything and keep it black and white to be as Doom as I can get & to be able to donate the finished art to the cause. Hand lettering is my weakness and I ended up redoing the text in Photoshop, you can see the finished drawn poster with original lettering in the 2nd pic below:

Some o the sketches and drawing process:

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