Jan 15, 2013

Soundgarden King Animal 2013 tour poster contest entry

UPDATE: I made the finalists! Vote on Facebook here! https://www.facebook.com/Soundgarden/app_247436055289326?utm_source=Voting727&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Voting727

Growing up in the burbs in the 90's meant that no matter how much I tried to fight it the wave of "grunge" and Seattle bands was bound to hit my shores and at least leave a dent. I didn't get pursuaded by Nirvana and Pearl Jam at first, I remember listening to Public Enemy on the bus to middle school when the kids around me were passing around Nevermind, but eventually Soundgarden convinced me there was something smarter out there in big loud and heavy rock n roll for me beyond Guns and Roses and Metallica's the Black album leaving me stale and unfufilled. Through Soundgarden dropping names in interviews and picking their opening bands I got into bands like Tad, Kyuss, the Stooges, Meat Puppets, Monster Magnet, COC and so on and so on. From there I got into the art associated with these bands and art that worked with or looked like the music I was hearing. So you can thank Soundgarden for getting me into the music I'm into now and setting me on this path of taste for the smart, heavy, psychedlic and sometimes weird art.

That's my paragraph on Soundgarden and why I entered this contest. Here's a paragraph on the poster: I flew up to Seattle from LA for their show at the Gorge in 2011. On our drive back from the show the nest day we went through the Wenatchee National Forest and saw alot of amazing trees, mountains surrounded by clouds and signs for bigfoot tourist areas. I thought what would be the King Animal of the Northwest and figured it was bigfoot. I think it relates to Soundgarden being a heavy and sometimes mysterious band.

You can view my poster entry here: http://creativeallies.com/creations/2zb2/contests/727/design-a-commemorative-tour-poster-for-soundgarden

I made the Editors Picks which I was pretty stoked about, I'm on page 2 here: http://creativeallies.com/galleries/rzf-Editors-Picks-Soundgarden

Here is a time lapse of the process using versions I saved over the process. 60+ hours of work in 2 minutes!

Here's a bunch of images that are most likely in the youtube video, click on them to get a closer look:

Pale Divine and Trilogy poster

What we got here is a poster for the amazing Pale Divine, Nitroseed, Trilogy, Admiral Browning, Wrath of Typhon and Puricist! i could be wrong but I think 3 of these bands share the same bass player, how does he do it? I dunno!

The creature ontop of the eye thing was inspired by the Iz from the Maxx series by Sam Keith. The flying creature was inspired by Rick Griffin and all excellent concert posters of the past. The cat was inspired by a real life cat I saw up for adoption at a pet store. Man was it cute. Below you'll see some sketches on how it came together.

Above are pencil drawing and the ink drawing for the main art. It was alot of fun to create this. Nothing but fun! Below are some process pics in Photoshop of the rest of the poster taking shape.

and here's some details!

But wait! Here's a pic of the printed posted!!!!

Jan 8, 2013

Obelisk dot com banner and stickers

First up! Visit www.theobelisk.net now!

Visited it? Cool, thanks! Ok here we go: This site is one of my favorite sites for heavy music and I when he asked me to do the banner image I was stoked. The sites also been a big supporter of my art so I was more than open to his ideas for the banner that it should have an octopus, obelisk, desert and sunset. All except the obelisk itself are staples in my bag of tricks! 

Above you can see the 3 mock ups I gave him, all pretty similar working on the same idea, as well as the color mock up of the chosen version. I do the color mock sometimes to get color changes myself or the client has out of the way before I do the final art and to have the color choices ready to dive into once the line art is squared away. It can also take alot of the pressure away before I color it which can save time 2nd guessing my color choices later in the game.

Above is a timeline of the final art taking shape. In the first version you can tell I drew the octopus by hand and scanned him into the mock up art then began to draw the background and clouds with the tablet in Photoshop. The 2nd version has the old mock up logo for placement and most of the outlines finished while the 3rd has all of the outlines and some details finished.

Here's some details of the art, even though its web banner on the medium size I went into detail on it because I knew they wanted to print stickers from the art snd I wanted to create some prints to give away.

Below are a couple of the prints and below that is the art for the sticker!

Jan 2, 2013

Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy and Clamfight "Annhilate Al weekend Long" poster

Here's a newy one. A poster for the Black Pyramid, Kings Destroy and Clamfight "Annhilate Al weekend Long" tour! I started with a sketch and colored it in Photoshop per the semi usual. The idea was to make the antlers work with the moon and have the trees mimic them.

Next I drew the elk in pencil then inked it. I used alot of reference here because I've drawn this animal or seen one in person. I had to redraw the face before I inked it, I'm glad I did.

Next up I drew the trees in Photoshop using a tablet and the brush tool. I created 3 layers of tree silohettes to create depth and keep them in an order. This was fun and pretty easy, I've got to do more stuff using this technique. I just kept adding branches to give it a feel of a flow yet some random deviation.

Here's a pic of a printed one and a detail pic. The background was alot of fun. That was an idea I had in the sketches but created in Photoshop. I had a "zoomed line pattern" on hand and created a design using it and masks. I want to try this again.

Buy this poster here: etsy.com