Sep 24, 2014

Admiral Browning Sandwich Hot Rod poster

My boys in Admiral Browning hit me up with a great idea for a poster... again! Here's some of what they messaged me with:

"The giant sandwich idea:
The vision is a hot-rod sandwich with a spider driving. Like a piece of Big Daddy Roth hot-rod art where the car is an awesome delicious sandwich with huge racing slicks, doing a burnout."

So there you have it, with some elbow grease and alot of research I made this poster, diggit:

Sep 17, 2014

Heavy Cream Sticker

The best zine in the history of all zines asked me to do a sticker for their new issue, how can I pass that up? Especially when the idea is good! HEre's the sticker and some of the process pics:

 Sketch by me before the final:

Sketch by proprietor of Heavy Cream Mr Adam L Murray himself:

Sep 11, 2014

Kinda Sketchy Comedy Show posters

I did a couple posters for the Kinda Sketchy Comedy show which is the 1st and 3rd thursday of each month at the Hyperion Ave Tavern in Silverlake CA. I'm stoked cause not only am I a big fan of comedy and dig most of the performers on the bill but its attached to Sketchparty which is a weekly drawing night at the bar every Thursday. The hosts put down newsprint on the bar and leave out markers around for everyone to draw with. Comedy and art are 2 of my favorite things at the moment so ain't nothing better than that!

Here's some posters and some more related stuff:

Sep 3, 2014

"King Of Shit Mountain"

A collection of comics I created in 2007, a couple new ones and some unfinished ones finished recently all pretty much about the same thing. Overall it has to do with looking for approval from someone you respect and care about and slowly figuring out you won't get what you're looking for from them & the moments you that make you realize that.

This is a pretty personal collection and felt good to put it on paper plainly instead of hidden in abstract symbols and meaning.

Contact me if you'd like one, I only made 25 and they are $4 post-paid to my paypal address.

Jun 23, 2014

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR at the Palms poster

Wish I could say I had some cool memories or anecdotes about working on this rad poster but shit man, I can't remember working on it... I mean, the drawing in the middle is mine and the words kinda look like they coulda been drawn by me... it is signed by me but I just don;t have memory of working on this. Can't claim total credit, think I had some help...

Wait, what happened?