Sep 24, 2014

Admiral Browning Sandwich Hot Rod poster

My boys in Admiral Browning hit me up with a great idea for a poster... again! Here's some of what they messaged me with:

"The giant sandwich idea:
The vision is a hot-rod sandwich with a spider driving. Like a piece of Big Daddy Roth hot-rod art where the car is an awesome delicious sandwich with huge racing slicks, doing a burnout."

So there you have it, with some elbow grease and alot of research I made this poster, diggit:

Sep 17, 2014

Heavy Cream Sticker

The best zine in the history of all zines asked me to do a sticker for their new issue, how can I pass that up? Especially when the idea is good! HEre's the sticker and some of the process pics:

 Sketch by me before the final:

Sketch by proprietor of Heavy Cream Mr Adam L Murray himself:

Sep 11, 2014

Kinda Sketchy Comedy Show posters

I did a couple posters for the Kinda Sketchy Comedy show which is the 1st and 3rd thursday of each month at the Hyperion Ave Tavern in Silverlake CA. I'm stoked cause not only am I a big fan of comedy and dig most of the performers on the bill but its attached to Sketchparty which is a weekly drawing night at the bar every Thursday. The hosts put down newsprint on the bar and leave out markers around for everyone to draw with. Comedy and art are 2 of my favorite things at the moment so ain't nothing better than that!

Here's some posters and some more related stuff:

Jun 16, 2014

True Templar of Doom benefit show poster

I saw the Gates of Slumber a bunch of times, maybe in Washington DC where I used to live, definitely in LA where I live now and in Vegas once. They were always on the road and always down to play a show it seems. It was a shock when their bassist Jason McCash left the band a couple years ago but an even bigger shock when he passed a couple months ago: some bands and even musicians you take for granted and think will be around forever.

A friend from the Maryland music scene is organizing a benefit show for the family of Jason and asked me to do the poster. Check out the event:

True Templar of Doom: Benefit for Jason McCash

Tickets can be purchase here

I'm all for the benefit and show and would love to be there in person, one of my favorite Doom bands Earthride is playing their first show in months, a year? either way they're legit, just like the Gates of Slumber and Jason.

If you'd like to donate directly to his family click here!

Onto the art: I decide to hand draw everything and keep it black and white to be as Doom as I can get & to be able to donate the finished art to the cause. Hand lettering is my weakness and I ended up redoing the text in Photoshop, you can see the finished drawn poster with original lettering in the 2nd pic below:

Some o the sketches and drawing process:

Jun 2, 2014

Ultra Electric Mega Galactic shirt and poster design

Howd-ay Folks!

My buds in the UEMG asked me to do a shirt for their upcoming 2014 European tour, of course I said HELL YES cause I'm psyched for them and I ain't never had my art on no European tour shirt before! After the shirt was finalized they asked if I could make a poster from the art to which I said HELL YEAH MAN cause I've only ever had my art on one or maybe 2 European Tour posters before know what I'm saying?!?! YEAH!!!!

Front and back:

Some of that process-process stuffz:

A pic of a computer screen cause why not right?

The Euro-Tour poster:


You should buy the shirt here -!store/cygj