Nov 18, 2013

Melting Simpsons for Admiral Browning and some limited merch

If this kid thinks it's rad then you know it is.

((((per the usual click on all these images to see the nitty gritty))))

So here's the deal: My buddies in Admiral Browning were going on a short summer tour and needed a poster to promote it. I had an idea for messing with the Simpsons characters so I offered them a poster for every stop on the tour. It ended up being one of my most popular projects yet so I made an art-zine based on the drawing side of it, am selling a few shirts of the art and have a few (maybe 3 each) of the posters left to sell at my Etsy shop.

Without more ado, here is some of it all:


Every poster is available at my shop for now over on Etsy:


I put up a few of the designs on Society6 but limited the color choices and products, not trying to go all out just wanna see how this stuff works. Check out whats available:


Over on my Etsy shop I sold a few of the zines.

 The zines have no band info and captions taken from (and out of) episodes of the Simpsons by each character. This was alot of fun to make and great to see people's reactions when looking at it.


From humble idea...

To labored drawing....

... and from initial Photoshop mockup to labored drawing scanned and cleaned up then colored in Photoshop!

....OH YEAH! I almost forgot! You can buy some of the drawings over on my Big Cartel site:

(yeah having 3 shops is confusing, BC might have to roll over to Etsy soon if I don't get more traffic over there)

Last but not least here's a clusterf*ck of animated process GIFs for the fun of it:

May 28, 2013

2013 Skillit Art Zine and prints

2013 brings a new portfolio art zine, a thing I've been doing almost yearly (skipped last year) since 2009! The art zine is a way to show off my best work at the moment, as of writing this I'm out of the first printing and replaced a couple of older pieces with some of my best created in the month or so between print runs. This year its 20 pages with 23 pieces of art and features a 3 panel trifold cover and 2 panel inside front cover. It's roughly 5x8" when folded and printed on 80lb gloss text weight paper and UV coated after printing. I think it's pretty bad ass, heres some pics as proof:

This  is the first year I'm selling 10 of them out of the 20 2nd printing. I say sell but it's not really a sale, I'm giving them away at cost, the cost of printing and shipping is $9 in the US. Look up what it would cost to print something like this at a discount online printer and you'll wonder how it's not $15, go ahead & check out people selling zines with less pages, art and care that went into this one for more money.


I went ahead and printed 15 10x17" prints of the cover on 80lb Cougar cover stock and I'm shipping those with the zine FREE. That's right, go ahead and throw out any chance of me making money on this like you might have thought in the paragraph above. So here's your chance if you like my art and want to see it in person up close but don't have an appetite for posters or heavy rock CD's... the zine!

BUY HERE by clicking this here link! Only $9 PP!

Here's some process pics of the whole ordeal, yeah picking 23 of your best, not favorite but best to the world at large, is an ordeal. Creating an original cover that you think might best sum up what you do is even harder. It might be another 2 years before I do this again!

May 8, 2013

Days of The Doomed Fest 3 poster: some snapshots of a moment in time and space, man.

Above is the poster for the 3rd annual Days Of The Doomed Fest up in Wisconsin by my man Mike Smith. I haven't been able to attend yet but my friends that went to the first one said it was great, the friends that went to the 2nd said it was great and the 3rd lineup looks the greatest. Mike has been one of the easiest and nicest guys to work with and I'm proud  to say the posters I've done for the event have gotten better over the years. I was really proud of this one and happy to do right by him. I know he's bringing alot of joy to fans and bands of an under served area of the country for this kind of rock/metal/good music.

I don't have too much time to do tutorial blogs these days, busy with the day job and more rad art jobs than I can shake a stick at. The most I can offer these days in the ways of a blog entry are snapshots of the process, because those are quick and fun to take. Here's some of what goes on:

Hey look, it's some dude drawing the main image on the poster. Wonder who that could be?

Click on the above image to see some more details of the mockup, drawing and inking process.

Hands are step one in the general tools of the trade and mine at the time were fighting cat scratches, allergic rashes and general dryness mixed with some nice graphite stains. PURTY.

Above you can see the image take shape from the computer sketch, aka mock up, to the pencilled version superimposed on the mockup to see if it fits before I, or that dude in the pic above, inks it.

The above pic gives you a good indication of the size of the original image.

In the pic above more progress is made in the background and in the shading of the main central image.

Lastly, here's some pics of the printed piece. Always my fav pics to take a post. Finito! I should have a small handful of these to sell after the fest passes and will post that when available.

May 3, 2013

The UItra Electric Mega Galactic t-shirt design

I try not to post EVERY process or finished picture of art I do on my main social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I'll put several up while I'm doing the art... of the process to keep people abreast of what I'm doing or afterwards of the finished pieces printed. This ol' blog, no matter how little blogs get traffic these days, is where I spew forth the endless little details of creating a piece. Why? Because I'm OBSESSED with those details while I'm doing them and HAVE to share them, even if it's to only 30 viewers and half of them spam bots. So here it is: the details!

I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to do this design, the leader of the band Ed Mundell played on some of the first heavy, trippy and yes (that dreaded phrase) "stoner" rock records I heard in high school. Monster Magnet, COC, Soundgarden, etc, those records changed my life! I followed Ed's career in Jersey with the Atomic Bitchwax from my home near DC and later to SoCal where we both now live and where his new band UEMG is located. I'm also pretty sure as a member of the Hellfire Red collective I helped book the UEMG's first show, a Hawkwind tribute where they had Pete Stahl on guest vocals. GOOD TIMES!

So here's the "deets:

This is the idea they chose and how I presented it to them. It had some mad Kirby influence and yes I have called myself out on it over and over again.

They suggested we lose the planet in the middle, they liked it at first but we both agreed it was overkill.

Here's some drawing stuff, I did this all by hand at first.

If you like to see how things change a bit you can see that up close here. I wasnt satisfied with my draftsmanship in the original drawing and redid most of the linework that pertained to the shading and reflections. I did all these edits in Photoshop with the Wacom, it felt good to get it JUST RIGHT.

Here's a pic by the band of the shirt printed, looks good! I mean really was printed well!

Remember kids: Kirby owns us all and we all owe Kirby.

Jan 15, 2013

Soundgarden King Animal 2013 tour poster contest entry

UPDATE: I made the finalists! Vote on Facebook here!

Growing up in the burbs in the 90's meant that no matter how much I tried to fight it the wave of "grunge" and Seattle bands was bound to hit my shores and at least leave a dent. I didn't get pursuaded by Nirvana and Pearl Jam at first, I remember listening to Public Enemy on the bus to middle school when the kids around me were passing around Nevermind, but eventually Soundgarden convinced me there was something smarter out there in big loud and heavy rock n roll for me beyond Guns and Roses and Metallica's the Black album leaving me stale and unfufilled. Through Soundgarden dropping names in interviews and picking their opening bands I got into bands like Tad, Kyuss, the Stooges, Meat Puppets, Monster Magnet, COC and so on and so on. From there I got into the art associated with these bands and art that worked with or looked like the music I was hearing. So you can thank Soundgarden for getting me into the music I'm into now and setting me on this path of taste for the smart, heavy, psychedlic and sometimes weird art.

That's my paragraph on Soundgarden and why I entered this contest. Here's a paragraph on the poster: I flew up to Seattle from LA for their show at the Gorge in 2011. On our drive back from the show the nest day we went through the Wenatchee National Forest and saw alot of amazing trees, mountains surrounded by clouds and signs for bigfoot tourist areas. I thought what would be the King Animal of the Northwest and figured it was bigfoot. I think it relates to Soundgarden being a heavy and sometimes mysterious band.

You can view my poster entry here:

I made the Editors Picks which I was pretty stoked about, I'm on page 2 here:

Here is a time lapse of the process using versions I saved over the process. 60+ hours of work in 2 minutes!

Here's a bunch of images that are most likely in the youtube video, click on them to get a closer look: